You know how on comment threads on blogposts about evolution you, sooner or later, get a commenter saying something that reveals complete lack of understanding of even the basics of evolutionary biology? It is usually accompanied by some creationist canard as well. What do you do? If you stop to explain the basics, the thread gets derailed. You REALLY want to discuss that latest study, not go back to basics over and over again.
So, instead of explaining the basics, you post a link to the appropriate page on the TalkOrigins FAQ or Index of Creationist Claims and move on with the discussion, hoping that the uninformed commenter will actually do the homework and follow the links.
But there is no such resource for discussions about equality, particularly gender equality. Or at least there WAS no such thing. There is now – see Feminism101 (via Pandagon and Feministe). Help build it by finding and linking relevant online articles and blog-posts that explain the basics or debunk myths and mysoginist talking points.
No need to have every comment thread derailed by Man’s Rights creeps any more. Whatever they say – just link to the relevant F101 post and send them there. Then continue discussing what YOU want to discuss instead of going to the basics over and over again.


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