When a newspaper publishes a column about religion (in their Religion section) that takes into account only the Christian point of view, someone is bound to object.
When the newspaper rectifies the error by publishing an article by an atheist, then, of course, some Christianists are going to object as well.
Discussion follows – kinda basic, embryonic and naive compared to informed and sophisticated discussions we often have on atheists blogs – but a discussion nonetheless, involving local (Greensboro NC) readers of the paper.
Hat-tip: Ed Cone

One response to “Christocentrism

  1. Tyler DiPietro

    The comments to the Christian responders LTE are pretty amusing:

    The opinion that faith is a silly concept is a matter of faith; therefore, it makes sense to place such a column on the “Faith Matters” page.

    This is why I’m for mandatory classes on logic and argumentation as part of the standard school curriculum. It would really help quite a bit if people understood that circular reasoning is fallacious.