A high-school science blogging contest?

Alvaro of Sharp Brains (in a comment here) links to a high-school student’s science essay that he posted on his blog and asks:

Why couldn’t we approach a number of websites where science teachers hang out and propose some kind of essay contest for high-school students, with winning essays published in our blogs?

What do you think?

6 responses to “A high-school science blogging contest?

  1. I’m supportive, but only if I can recruit for my college from the submitters! 😉

  2. Hi Michael: well, that may be an incentive for all to participate 🙂
    Bora: I am scoping the idea better by talking to Jeffrey (the high-school Psych teacher). It would be easy enough to run a pilot in one discipline such as Psych and then expand, or try several at once if there are more “sponsors”. Will share more thoughts in a couple of days.
    Happy to hear more feedback

  3. You could probably even set up a paypal accound for donations, and offer small prizes. I know I’D throw a couple of ten-spots into such an account.

  4. I would also voulteer to publish an essay on my blog, though it is NOT a science blog…anyway…let me know if there is anything I can do.

  5. This is a worthy idea to pursue. Perhaps we can continue via e-mail. It may be easier to access all science teachers in one locality (e.g., one state in the USA) than teachers interested in a single topic. Also, psych is not something that is taught that early – something that fits their basic curriculum yet is interesting (animal behavior?) may be a better fit for that age group.

  6. ok, will email you.
    Teresa: thanks for the support!