More Godless Blogging of the Week

Out in the real world, especially in the Red States and the Bible Belt, atheists tend to go on with their lives without actively tooting their horns every day everywhere. But online, the Internets are teeming with atheists suggesting that there may be more of us in the general population than what the various censuses show, even if one controls for such things as self-selection, i.e., repressed atheists tending to vent their atheism online if prohibited from doing so offline. The Carnival of the Godless has been going on for some time now and it has grown really big, to the point of unweildy. So, a new carnival has just started and it looks good – check out the Humanist Symposium and its Inaugural Edition. Considering how crowded the atheist blogosphere has become, I doubt that the two carnivals will be in competition with each other – both will be equally big and good.

One response to “More Godless Blogging of the Week

  1. Personally, I’m annoyed at how much space is taken up on Science Blogs talking about religion vs. atheism. As if that is the only burning question of the day. There are other, good, bloggers here on SB, don’t get me wrong.