Circadian Meditation?!

How does one fisk a medical quackery when there is no attempt whatsoever to explain what it is all about – not even a string of New-Age mumbo-jumbo, nonsensical, vaguely English-sounding words. All it says is: Buy The Book. Yeah, right…
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2 responses to “Circadian Meditation?!

  1. My colleague and I joke that we’ll hang out a shingle and offer “circadian therapy” if/when the grant money dries up.
    It seems easy and lucrative. Make some stuff up and sell it. Does $200 an hour seem reasonable? And hell we’ve got LOTS of pretty letters after our names to back it up.
    And of course we’ll be franchising into Nth Carolina and bankrolling the Coturnix clinic. Here the loving and caring Dr Bora will lovingly and caringly adminster a clock to your head.
    Shame our honesty and scruples are keeping us from making all that money, huh?

  2. It soooo sucks to be honest!