This is someone you WANT to hire!

Tatjana Jovanovic is a fellow escapee from Serbia and a fellow biologist. She got her MS in Biology at the University of Belgrade and has collected enough data before emigrating to be able to immediately get a PhD if someone would sponsor her here. She is currently in Arizona, but she is moving to North Carolina later this year. She will send you her impressive CV on demand – her publications range from immunology to pest control, but most of it is focused on small rodents, their avian predators and the dynamics of predator-prey relationships. She has combined lab and field work, from biochemistry through mathematical modelling to field experiements, in most of her papers and has made discoveries of small mammals not previously known to reside in that part of the world.
Tatjana particularly likes owls (a subject of several of her papers), she has performed the Serbian portion of the research for the Global Owl Project and is active on The Owl Pages.
She is also an artist and has acted as a mentor for several high-school and undergraduate theses in biology (yes, we do simple research and write theses on topics related to our majors in high school in Serbia). Science education is one of her strengths and passions. Environmental protection is another.
If you are in North Carolina and have a place for a hard-working, honest, smart, highly-educated and well-rounded person in your lab, school, organization or company, contact Tanja at: tanjasova AT gmail DOT com

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