Another job ad

If you are idle, retired or rich, if you live in (or are willing to move to) Oakland, California, if you have decent computer skills and if you want to help fight against Creationism, then this job is perfect for you:
From the National Center for Science Education:

Information technology technician needed by the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit organization that defends the teaching of evolution in the public schools, to maintain and expand NCSE’s web presence, including maintenance of hardware platforms, determining software needs, and overseeing migration of content to a new web site. NCSE is pursuing open source solutions to information technology services.


One response to “Another job ad

  1. Well, three for four. I’d love to live in the East Bay (I used to live there, lived most of my life there), I’m a serious computer nerd (and even an open source fanatic), and I’d love to fight Creationism.
    On the other hand, I’d really hate to give up teaching college astronomy and physics.
    On the gripping hand, if you’ve read my latest blog post, I may be a year away from being forced to give up being a professor….
    The other consideration is if the job would pay enough. I doubt that non-profits can pay their computer admin people enough for me to be able to afford a house plus all of the medical stuff my wife and I have in the East Bay. I used to live there, and know that it’s bloody-butt-expensive.