Direct Spanish ancestry of the Shackleford wild horses

Shackleford ponies are often in the media around here. Some love them, some hate them, some want to preserve them, some to exterminate them, and it is not easy to get all the surplus horses adopted each year. Perhaps the new findings of their Spanish origin (DNA will tell the tale of wild horses) will tilt the scales towards their preservation, especially on the island of Corolla.
Thanks to Bill for the heads-up.


3 responses to “Direct Spanish ancestry of the Shackleford wild horses

  1. Interesting! And lots of nice pictures of horses… It would be nice if they’d stop developing the islands and leave the horses somewhere to live.

  2. The horses do need to be managed pretty strictly though. They’re not indigenous, and they’re quite capable of destroying the smaller islands.

  3. I like shackleford ponies, they are so cute. May be in time I will buy one of this funny little horses for me.