There is nothing I like doing more than herding cats!

Business customers and children can be tough to manage online, but can you imagine managing scientists! They are already hard enough to satisfy in their native environment offline (e.g., to look beyond the usual metrics when awarding tenure). I know, I am making links in this post so cryptic, you’ll just have to click to see what on Earth I am talking about and make your own connections…

5 responses to “There is nothing I like doing more than herding cats!

  1. Ill take a guess– You got the PLOS job??
    If thats not it, Ill keep crossing my fingers 🙂 Arthritis runs in my family, so I really hope thats it…

  2. OK, this is cryptic enough that I’m not sure what you’re really trying to say. Did I miss something I should have seen? 🙂
    -Rob the cat

  3. Rob–
    He linked to an article on managing online communities highlighting the difficulties of wrangling children on forums. He linked to you to demonstrate offline problems scientists deal with. He thinks we’re worse online (we totally are) and certainly worse than kids (bigger egos and bigger vocabulary). But he ‘likes herding cats’… like what one might do on PLOSs online community, a job hes been gunning for 🙂
    Im totally right 😛 Just post it already so we can celebrate! ARG! LOL!

  4. Dakle, ako je sudeci po proslom vremenu u drugom linku (svrseni glagol), onda SRDACNE CESTITKE!!!

  5. A scientist in his natural habitat, a symposium.