Arsene Lupen

This brief story on NPR today reminded me of some books I read as a child (in Serbo-Croatian translation) – though I have to admit that my brother loved them even more – in which the main character is Arsene Lupen, the art connoisseur and gentleman burglar. Listen to the NPR podcast and get the books – they are great! How well known is this character in the USA? Perhaps through his anime grandson?

3 responses to “Arsene Lupen

  1. Not very well, in my (urban, East Coast) experience. I only know of the character from reading stories in high school French class.

  2. I can’t belive it -you read both The Three Investigators and Arsene Lupin! Did you by any chance also read Emilio Salgari? He is the adventure storyteller for ages 9-14 in Italian and Spanish speaking countries, but virtually unknown in English.
    All the Lupin books are available in Spanish and still reasonably popular taking into account how old they are.

  3. Yes, I have read Emilio Salgari! Sandokan was huge in Europe in teh 1970s (played by Kabir Bedi in the TV series) so I picked up a couple of books as well.