Obligatory Readings of the Day – the Ken Hamm and Beyond edition

First, as I reported earlier, Archy persuaded PZ Myers to host a one-time carnival about the opening of the Creation Museum – and here is the carnival – a lot of good stuff to read.
I especially liked the only (so far) on-the-scene report by Martha Heil.
I also tend to prefer posts that try to take in a Big Picture and place stuff in broader historical and/or geographical context, thus, I really liked contributions by Laelaps and Greg Laden. They are optimistic, though. The view from outside, from Europe, can be much more pessimistic.
Also, some of the comments on this post remind me of my early internet days on various Balkans Usenet groups. Apparently, the tone and quality have not changed much since the early 1990s! I thought that brotherhood and unity were back in vogue again, as evidenced by the results of the Eurovision contest. I only made a quick remark in that direction, but several Euroblogs wrote deeper sociological analyses of the deeper meaning of the Eurovision results and what they portend for Europe’s future. See, for instance, this post and peruse a good linkfest collected by Eric.

5 responses to “Obligatory Readings of the Day – the Ken Hamm and Beyond edition

  1. Hey, with the really pessimistic post I was only trying to point out how risible all the “Europe is doomed!” crap is.

  2. Sure, coming from Steyn of all people, it’s laughable and you wrote a healthy antidote which Americans should read, as a thought-experiment if nothing else.

  3. Thanks for the kind words and link Bora! I worked really hard on my particular contribution, trying to pull in all the little bits of information involving paleontology & pop culture dinosaurs, so I’m glad it came out in a coherent fashion. I wish I had more time to read all the other great posts, but I must be off to a wedding, so alas, I have to wait.

  4. Optimistic yet at the same time pessimistic. I’m just visualizing the preferred future…

  5. there are rational people in kentucky who out of self respect should answer the creation museum with a meuseum of evolution.