Friday Weird Sex Blogging!?

On some Fridays, I write about strange reproductive strategies and mating habits of various organisms, sometimes in excrutiating detail, though I have not done it very regularly lately (see the Friday Weird Sex Blogging archives).
But some people just collect them all in one place, in one post full of strangeness. You can read about 30 Strangest Animal Mating Habits on Neatorama. Or 11 Examples of Unusual Mating Habits on Canongate (both via Liberals in Exile).
Others have a regular feature on science and nature of sex, e.g., Insect Sex on What’s That Bug, the Sexy Beast category on the Primordial Blog and the Friday Flower Porn on Dr.Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge.
And there are sites and blogs entirely dedicated to the science of sex, ranging from scandalous, like The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records, through funny yet informative, like Secret Sex Lives of Animals and Physics of Sex, all the way to the “serious” stuff, e.g., Dr.Petra Boynton’s sexology blog and The Well-Timed Period (human reproductive physiology, health and associated politics).
How can one possibly compete in such a crowded field?

One response to “Friday Weird Sex Blogging!?

  1. Pierce R. Butler

    How can one possibly compete in such a crowded field?
    Observe how the pros do it: tight clothing, high heels, bright lipstick, provocative body language, immediate eye contact…
    Thanks for an intriguing collection of links!