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Sleep Deprivation Affects Airport Baggage Screeners’ Ability To Detect Rare Targets:

A lack of sleep may affect the performance of airport employees, which can, in turn, compromise the safety of airline passengers. Sleep deprivation can impair the ability of airport baggage screeners to visually search for and detect infrequently occurring or low prevalence targets that may ultimately pose a threat to an airline and its passengers, according to new research.

Night Shift Nurses More Likely To Have Poor Sleep Habits:

Nurses who work the night shift are more likely to have poor sleep habits, a practice that can increase the likelihood of committing serious errors that can put the safety of themselves as well as their patients at risk, according to recent research.
Arlene Johnson, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, surveyed 289 licensed nurses while they were working on the night shift in the hospital setting, and classified the subjects as either sleep deprived or not sleep deprived. The results showed that 56 percent of the sample was sleep deprived.


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  1. Jan Kees Kleuver

    Sleepdeprevation and airports security: a fact long known! See this Dutch commercial: