There are a lot of people blogging about their kids. But when Kate writes about parenting issues, it is pure science. After attending a meeting on parental behavior, she’s been churning out post after post on this fascinating topic:
Cheetah Infidelity and the Bruce Effect
Bird brains and sex reversal
Thanks, Dad – the paternal brain and his selfish genes
Thanks, Dad – footage of a paternal eagle
Perhaps there will be more over the next few days, so stay tuned…

One response to “Parenting

  1. how could you NOT find the most highly-motivated, naturally occurring behaviors absolutely fascinating!
    i hoped to provide a bit of perspective to our daily drives. reproduction is fundamental to the propogation of our individual genes, and parenting assures that those genes will survive. considering the incredible sacrifices that animals make to assure successful mating and viable offspring, i can’t think of more important set of neural- and hormonally-mediated behaviors…
    more to come. thanks for the shoutout 🙂