Bay Area Bloggers!?

I know Bay Area is a big blogging center – almost as dense with bloggers as Greensboro, NC – but I am not exactly sure which of the bloggers I know actually live there. Since I’ll be in San Francisco in July, I’d like to meet some of the local bloggers. Is there a MeetUp? An aggregator? Do local bloggers attend Drinking Liberally? Is there anything happening during the summer at all?
The NC expats in San Francisco, Josh Steiger and Justin Watt, I’m sure I’ll meet as we are friends and we’ll be in touch. Perhaps I’ll get to meet danah boyd (I missed it when she came here to UNC).
And of course, there are science bloggers, including Jennifer Wong, Janet Stemwedel, Craig McClain and Rick MacPherson. Anyone else?
Anyone wants to go see Iron Science Teacher with me? Or the opening of the new Harry Potter movie on July 11th?
Let me know (comments or e-mail) if you will be in the SF area in July and if you’d like to meet in person.

9 responses to “Bay Area Bloggers!?

  1. I used to live there, and consider that to be “home.” Does that count?

  2. I’m planning on driving up for the Iron Science teacher event, and would love to meet up with you, janet, or any other local Bay Area bloggers. 🙂

  3. I live in San Francisco…but may not be around that part of July…not sure yet. If you find some other SF bloggers and organize something, please post about it.

  4. My brother Chris would be an obvious bay-area blogger to meet up with.

  5. I am in Berkeley- will participate..

  6. I’m just getting into the blogging thing, but I live in SF.

  7. bora…
    count me in for some drinks and blog talk (in that order)…
    lots of places in sf for socializing, though i must admit to being a big fan of jupiter in berkeley… patio, microbrews, and close to bart…

  8. OK, once I get to SF and have an address/phone/ect, I’ll e-mail you all. And in the meantime, try to discover others.

  9. Count me in; I’m just a visitor but will be here around that time. 🙂