A Geneticist in Chernobyl

Remember when we discussed the mammal vs. bird survival at Chernobyl the other day? Well, I learned today that someone is about to go and study the humans there as well. I am not exactly sure what kind of reserch it will be, but it will have something to do with the mutations in genomes of the surrounding population.
Sarah Wallace, a senior at Duke University, will be part of the team. And you will be able to follow her adventures and her science on her blog: Notes from Ukraine (MT will not render Cyrillics well so I translated the name of the country)


One response to “A Geneticist in Chernobyl

  1. Thanks so much for the plug! For more info on the genetics research we are doing in Chernobyl, see the following article: http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/526735/?sc=rsmn.
    We plan to monitor workers in Chernobyl over a long period of time. Our goal is to find a genetic link to the health effects of ionizing radiation. My job in Ukraine will be to help improve protocols so that the rights and interests of these workers/subjects are protected!