My Blogroll, and the Newsfeed Question

I’ve been a little behind (as in ‘few weeks’) in adding the blogs I tagged in my Blogrolling for Today posts into the actual Blogroll but I caught up with that a few minutes ago. That Blogroll is a Monster! But, check it out anyway – at least check if your blog is there and if the link is correct. I don’t know how useful it is to anyone, but having about a thousand blogs personally chosen and listed in one place is better than browsing tens of millions of blogs that are in existence out there.
Anyway, I am looking for a new newsfeed. Having this many blogs listed is tough on any newsfeed, I understand. I gave up on Bloglines after it went over 700 feeds – I just kept checking the blogs that start with ‘A’ over and over again… Is there a newsfeed that can handle that many blogs? And it looks good, is easy to take a quick look and see what was posted over the past 24-48h (and hopefully let me set how long the posts are displayed)? In other words, I want a list of recent posts, not a list of blogs (bolded if there is something I have not seen over the past months!).
I’d like to be able to keep posts on for a while even if I clicked on them if I intend to link to them later. I also want NOT to have to click on a title in order to see it dissappear in 24-48 hours (who is going to keep deleting or clicking on thousands of posts per day!?).
Right now, I have to do everything the slow way. I check the Last 24 Hours page several times a day to see what my Sciblings have posted (no guarantee I’ll read everything, but I read a lot of those). Then, I check my Sitemeter referrals to see where the readers are coming from, as well as my Technorati and Google Blogsearch results to see who has linked lately (and on those blogs I look around to see what else is on the front page).
Then I go and visit about a dozen blogs that I check daily anyway – I just start typing the first letter or two and my browser knows where to take me.
If I still have time after that, I may go to this list of my favourite non-SB science blogs and browse there. And finally, if I am really idle, I go to my own Blogroll and click around semi-randomly to see what is new.
So, which newsfeed is the best for someone who has 1000 feeds?

4 responses to “My Blogroll, and the Newsfeed Question

  1. I use RSS Bandit for my newsreading. Its very customizable (folders, individual feed specifications, etc.). The only real problems I have are that it slows if one individual feed gets over about 150 messages, and its not online (its a program you download). It is open source and available for free.

  2. I use Firefox’s Sage extension, with about 300 feeds. It may not fit all your needs, but the upside is that you can work with it quickly.

  3. I use Google Reader for nearly 900 feeds. It’s definitely not perfect, but handles it OK and doesn’t force me to read by site.

  4. I added the google-news feeder to my blog under the “mostly sanitized media” heading on the side bar. I think it is a tool for Blogger only though. I am not in control of which sources it uses but I can list as many topics as I like. clicking on topics at the top of the scroll area selects a new batch of feeds. and the linkage to google news is there if you want to dig down on a topic.