Science Cartoon Contest

The Union of Concerned Scientists has picked the 12 finalists in their cartoon contest and it is now your turn to vote for the best one.
While I personally prefer the TomTomorrowesque #9, I think that the simpler cartoons, e.g., #2 and #10, may ‘frame’ the issue the best (i.e., making it simple and not limiting itself to just one or two topics, e.g., global warming). You take your own pick…

4 responses to “Science Cartoon Contest

  1. I’m partial to the wildlife preserves.

  2. Yummy, aren’t they? I felt a need to spread something on bread when I saw that one….

  3. I guess the wildlife preserves is the best of the lot but they’re all a bit weak. None of them are funny and not a single one made me say “oh no he didn’t!” They’re all just kind of boring.