Happy Fourth of July!

And to my Yugoslav readers: “Srecan Dan Borca!”

3 responses to “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Didn’t they celebrate their hearts out last week for Vidovdan? Or has that fallen out of favor?

  2. I guess they did. Or some (drunk nationalists) did. I have no idea, really. That was all after I left. This is a tease that Yugonostalgics will understand (It was 4th July 1941 when Tito and the Party announced they were raising an uprising against the Nazi occupation).

  3. Especially when Zikica Jovanovic-Spanac comes into play with 7th July – yeihhhh… then you line up weekend with 4th and 7th July and following weekend and “celebrate” big time… Too bad jul was linked later with something that has nothing to do with July… tja….
    Zanimljivo da sam gledajuci vatromet juce bas o tome mislila…
    Sve najbolje na novom poslu!