Neuroethology in Vancouver

Bjoern Brembs is at the ICN meeting and is blogging about the talks he saw. If I went, I would have probably attended a completely different set of talks, e.g., on birdsong, memory in food-caching birds, aggression in crustaceans, strange sensory systems, spatial orientation and animal cognition, but I am certainly glad that Bjoern has highlighted the best of what he saw there:
Robert de Ruyter van Steveninck: Velocity estimation and natural visual input signals
Martin Egelhaaf: Active vision: a strategy of complexity reduction in behavioral control
Roy Ritzmann: Movement through complex terrains by insects and robots
Jack Gray: Complex behavior from compact systems
Leslie Griffith: Sex and the single fly: Pheromone-mediated learning
Sarah Dunlop: Recovery of function after CNS and PNS injury
Leslie Vosshall: Molecular neuroethology of olfaction in Drosophila
Claude Desplan: The color vision circuitry in Drosophila
Jan Ramirez: The neuronal basis of inspiration
Piali Sengupta: Running hot and cold: Thermosensory behaviors in C. elegans

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