Today’s Carnivals

Harry Potter Carnival #51 is up on The Pensieve.
I and the Bird #54 is up on The Egret’s Nest
Change of Shift: Volume Two, Number Three is up on Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey
Grand Rounds, Vol. 3, No 44 are up on A Chronic Dose
Carnival of the Green #87 is up on Hippyshopper
The 129th Edition of the Carnival of Education is up on Education in Texas
82nd Edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling is up on Tami’s Blog
Horse Lovers’ Blog Carnival is new to me (will I let myself get drawn into it!?) and the latest (9th) edition is up on Our Goldern Dreams.
And, if you have something relevant, submit to the upcoming editions of Scientiae, Circus of the Spineless, Festival of the Trees, Carnival of the Blue and/or Encephalon.

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  1. Also send submissions by month’s end to Carnival of the Blue (typically ocean related stuff) at: