Science Tattoos?!

If you have a science-themed tattoo, Carl Zimmer would like to know about it. You can already see quite a variety of cool pictures Carl’s readers sent him on these three posts:
Branded with Science
*Very* Branded with Science
Welcome to
I am as clean as a newborn and will not start at this age, but I find the tattoos quite fascinating.

2 responses to “Science Tattoos?!

  1. You come sailing with us, you’d better be careful: you sail in the Atlantic, you get an anchor tattoo. Sail more than 5,000 miles, it’s a swallow. You round Cape Horn with us, it’s a ship under full sail. Which will be a big tat, and the pain, I imagine will be terrible…
    Still, we’ll give you a leather strap to bite on.

  2. Sailing on the Beagle is worth the pain.