Preaching Open Access

Checking out hundreds of pictures from Scifoo that people have uploaded on Flickr and their blogs, I found a couple of more that have me in them:
In this one, I explain to Greg Bear that Open Access is not Science Fiction any more:
[Photo: Simon Quellen Field]
In this one, I tell Sara Abdulla (of Nature) how nice it is to work for an Open Access publisher:
[Photo: Jacqueline Floyd]
And in this one, I stand on a street corner in the middle of Googleplex, preaching Open Access to whoever will listen (perhaps I should grow a long beard, wear a toga and some sandals, and get Jack Chick to draw me some comic strips to hand out):
[Photo: Stephana Patton]

2 responses to “Preaching Open Access

  1. You need a sandwich board to describe the endtimes for paper journals. That will get people’s attention 😉

  2. You don’t need the beard, the toga or the sandals. You’ve it going on.
    You should get the Jack Chick film thing going! Have you seen the short films based on actual Chick Tracts over at You will dig them, Access!