Bravo, Bravissimo!

John Wilkins just published a paper (…”a review of the centenary festschrift for Mayr…”) and got a book accepted for publication (the book grew out of series of excellent blog posts about species definitions – who says that blogging is bad for your health?)

3 responses to “Bravo, Bravissimo!

  1. Almost right. I got some money from an article in a popular science magazine, COSMOS, which is a reworking of some blog posts I wrote. The money is going straight into my research account to help pay the subsidy for the book.
    The book itself is based on ten years of hard research. All you need to do to write a book like this is spend a decade of your life obsessing over it…

  2. Looking for John Wilkins, formerly of Mt. Prospect, IL, producer and director of groundbreaking indy film “The Mountainpath.”
    Dean Ennes

  3. Not me. At last count there are some ten living (and one dead) John Wilkinses on the web, including a mathematician, a physicist, a blues player, a religious journalist, and sundry others. None of them are film producers as far as I can tell.