Open Views

Sundar Raman at the Internet radio station KRUU.100.1FM has uploaded a series of interviews (from 3rd October 2006 till 21st August 2007), all on the topic of openness and transparency – from Open Source, through Open Book and Open Access, to Open Society. This series of interviews is entitled ‘Open Views’ and a total of 37 can be downloaded here. Well worth your time!

5 responses to “Open Views

  1. Transcripts! Aging luddites want transcripts!
    I don’t have one o’ them newfangled iPod doohickies and there’s no way I’m gonna sit in front of my computer listening to an interview for an hour. Gimme something I can read on the bus, or lose me forever.

  2. Actually,….I agree with you, Bill.

  3. Whilst I didn’t agree with Bill and Bora’s comments initially, I now do.
    I’m scheduled to be speaking to Sundar Raman shortly and I’ll mention this to him. I doubt that KRUU have the time/human resources to do this (transcripts) so this will require external input.
    Lemme see what I can *negotiate*.

  4. Thank you. Please do.

  5. To Bill and Bora,
    I’ve been in touch again with Sundar. As expected, time/resource constraints are indeed an issue. That aside, Sundar said:-
    “But I’ll try to get transcription going by the end of the year. I definitely think it’s a worthwhile thing.”