The F-word

After Fran and Floyd, hurricanes that start with F make me quite nervous. And now Felix, in less than a day since it formed, went from Category 2 to Category 3 to Category 4 to Category 5. It is a monster! Honduras is in for a bad thrashing soon!

4 responses to “The F-word

  1. I experienced Felix in Grenada just 3 days ago and it was a nasty storm.

  2. Hey Bora,
    It gets even scarier when you consider Felix in its broader context

  3. DOn’t forget Fatrina!

  4. According to the projected storm track I’ve seen, Felix is supponed to head northwest across Central America into western Mexico and then up into Ariznoa and New Mexico. Meanwhile tropical storm Henrietta (Eastern Pacific) is also heading for the same area. Beacuse of a high pressure system further north winds in the part of the world are pushing stuff west.
    Today in San Diego it got up to 90 along the coast, with high humidity. There were showers in the inland valleys and thunderstorms in the mountains. With Henrietta and Felix on their way we’re facing the possibility of heavy rains as far as the coast, with attendant flooding. Add in the heat and the consequential demands on energy, and we could see the Mission Bay pumps fail just as extreme squalls hit that coastal community. That happens, and it’s a slow news day, you could see people kayaking down Mission Boulevard on the national news. 🙂