Sleeping with the New York Times

Being out of town and all, I missed it, but NYTimes published a whole lot of articles about sleep yesterday.
Of course, as I enjoy poking around bird brains, the article by Carl Zimmer – In Study of Human Patterns, Scientists Look to Bird Brains – was the one most interesting to me personally. But you may find the other articles interesting as well:
From Faithful Dogs and Difficult Fish, Insight Into Narcolepsy
At Every Age, Feeling the Effects of Too Little Sleep
In the Dreamscape of Nightmares, Clues to Why We Dream at All
An Active, Purposeful Machine That Comes Out at Night to Play
The Elderly Always Sleep Worse, and Other Myths of Aging
Sleep Drugs Found Only Mildly Effective, but Wildly Popular
Eyes Wide Shut: Thoughts on Sleep


2 responses to “Sleeping with the New York Times

  1. I’m glad they were able to dedicate so many free column-inches to the sleep patterns of piscines and canines. Since there was nothing else at all happening anywhere in the world yesterday.

  2. And on Friday, Oct. 26, WHYY’s Radio Times did an hour-long show on sleep. Can’t bookmark the broadcast notes, so they are here:
    Hour 2
    The mystery of sleep. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping yet we still don’t know why we sleep? Fortunately sleep researchers are working day and night to gain insight into what sleep does for us. Today we’ll hear the latest on what we know about sleep with AMITA SEGHAL, Professor of Neuro-science at the University of Pennsylvania, and JEFFREY ELLENBOGEN, Director of the Sleep Medicine Program at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital.