Weblog Awards 2007

Yes, Weblog Awards are up again. Not everyone’s favourite (as opposed to the Koufaxes), as they are easily freeped and one can find candidates who should not be there, i.e., blogs that have not written anything factual in years, e.g., right-wingers in political categories, pseudoscientists in science categories, medical quacks in medical categories, etc. So, the voting at Weblog Awards (which you can do daily) is more voting against than for in many categories. But there are certainly worthy finalists in many categories so it’s worth your time to try to remember to vote. Here are my personal picks – your mileage may vary.
Best Blog: Raw Story
Best Individual Blogger: Lindsay Beyerstein
Funniest Blog: Sadly, No!
Best Comic Strip: xkcd
Best Online Community: DailyKos (where are the scienceblogs?!)
Best Liberal Blog: they are all fantastic but I am alternating between Shakesville and Pandagon this time around.
Best Political Coverage: At Largely
Best LGBT Blog: Pam’s House Blend
Best Science Blog: Invasive Species Blog
Best Medical/Health Issues Blog: Respectful Insolence
Best Literature Blog: Pepys’ Diary
Best Video Blog: Crooks & Liars
Best European Blog (Non UK): European Tribune
Best Australia or New Zealand Blog: John Quiggin
Best of the Top 250 Blogs (they are still using the TTLB ecosystem?!): Bitch Ph.D.
Best of the Top 251 – 500 Blogs: Feministe
Best of the Top 501 – 1000 Blogs: The Sideshow
Best of the Top 1001 – 1750 Blogs: Echidne of the Snakes (although there are 3-4 other excellent blogs there)
Best of the Top 2501 – 3500 Blogs: Creek Running North
Best of the Top 3501 – 5000 Blogs: Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge
Best of the Top 6751 – 8750 Blogs: Abnormal Interests
Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+): Konagod
In other categories I don’t vote because I do not know any of the finalists, but you may, so take a look.

8 responses to “Weblog Awards 2007

  1. I dislike the Weeby Awards because there is an entry fee for websites. While $125 might not be much to most bloggers, to a student blogger who’s in school, I had to decide between buying groceries for a week or entering a vanity contest. I didn’t enter. While I understand that some amount of work is put into the awards process, that fee is ridiculous and eliminates bloggers (like students) who don’t have the money to enter. To them I say: boooooooo.

  2. That is yet another reason to hate them.

  3. where are the scienceblogs?!
    I wondered the same thing!
    Thanks for your support, Bora. You’re the best! 🙂
    Re: entry fees…I don’t know what that’s about. I didn’t pay any entry fee.

  4. Weeby Awards, I think, are a different set of awards from Weblog Awards. Where are the Koufaxes!!!!

  5. $125 entry fee? Hell, for a mere hundred I’ll design a nice prize icon and guarantee that everyone wins something.
    More on topic, Coturnix’s list of recommendations is almost exactly the same as I voted. One category needs our special attention, the Freepers are ganging up on Sadly No! in the Funniest category. So even if you don’t vote for any other category, go even the odds in that fight.

  6. Ooops! I was thinking of the Webbys, not the Weblogs. Didn’t know there was two….

  7. Entry fee? Jeez, I certainly didn’t pay an entry fee! Webby nominations are just something that happens to you, like needing to go to the dentist.

  8. heh.
    No recommendation for a best conservative blog? That makes sense.
    I was quite surprised that techRivet was made a finalist in the technology blogs category. I entered fully expecting to not be. Of course any hope of a win-place-show is hopeless once engadget or gizmodo are on the playing field.
    It is interesting that there almost should be a separate category for gadget review sites and one for general technology blogs.