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A milestone for Abel PharmBoy and Happy Birthday to Olduvai George!
Chris asks: how to get alienated kids from inner cities interested in nature?
This year saw a sharp rise in the number of multi-author scientific papers. This reflects the increasingly collaborative nature of science – no more crazy loners tinkering in their basements. Thus, a better system for assessing scientific contributions (at least as it pertains to publication of research) is becoming more urgent.
This Saturday is the World AIDS Day. Will you blog about it?
10 top researchers in the area of adolescent health, sexuality and behavior sent a letter to the Democratic leadership in the Senate, urging them to cut funding for abstinence-only education immediately. Why? Because it is dangerous.
Explore Our Dumb World! (hat-tip) Via Onion, which some people do not know is a satirical newspaper. But hey, some people have never heard of Leo Tolstoy either.
Is “intellectual property” really “intellectual monopoly“?
Verizon Wireless To Introduce ‘Any Apps, Any Device’ Option For Customers In 2008. Good. I am on Verizon. Will take a look once the details become public.
Elsevier’s 2collab science social network is now open to public. Deepak Singh, Wouter Gerritsma and Richard Akerman have the first reviews.
A new player in the Global Warming Denialism field – the typically dishonestly named Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change, which as its members boasts all the libertarian, Right Wing “think”-tanks that employ no real climate scientists, but instead an army of apologists for the pollution industry, including the nefarious John Locke Foundation (via) and the propaganda experts in the cookie-cutter mold of Frank Luntz, Carl Rove and Eric Dezenhall. Just look at their opening salvo, their first so-called report (pdf) – if you have been following the GW denialism lately you can instantly recognize all their carefully crafted Orwellian words, phrases and the entire denialists’ deck of cards.
The extreme right wing of the GOP is being purged by an even more extreme right wing of the GOP. Is there anyone normal left in that party at all, one wonders?

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