Tinamou’s Dilemma: Canines or Talons?

When I first read about a new paper about the behavior and ecology of maned wolves, I immediately thought of the blogger most uniquely qualified to write about it. Anne-Marie’s research is on maned wolves and in her latest post she describes an ecological love-hate triangle in which the maned wolves flush out birds, mostly tinamous, out of the bushes – just to have them preyed upon by hawks. Anne-Marie provides more details, the back-story and the cute pictures.

One response to “Tinamou’s Dilemma: Canines or Talons?

  1. Thanks, as always, for the link! I’m going to do some more in-depth maned wolf posts soon (although it may be after finals, we’ll see…). There are so many fascinating things about this species, it’s hard to do them justice in just one post!