My picks from ScienceDaily

Young Chimps Top Adult Humans In Numerical Memory:

Young chimpanzees have an “extraordinary” ability to remember numerals that is superior to that of human adults, researchers report.

Artificial Jellyfish, Explosives Sensor Among Projects Being Developed At Undersea Technology Center:

Artificial jellyfish, explosives sensors and seabed batteries are among the diverse research projects under way just nine months after the creation of a Center of Excellence in Undersea Technology in collaboration with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Rhode Island.

Heads Or Tails? Scientists Identify Gene That Regulates Polarity In Regenerating Flatworms:

When cut, a planarian flatworm can use a population of stem cells called neoblasts to regenerate new heads, new tails or even entire new organisms from a tiny fragment of its body. Mechanisms have been sought to explain this process of regeneration polarity for over 100 years, but until now, little was known about how planaria can regenerate heads and tails at their proper sites.

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