You need a bun to bite, Benny Lava!

RPM and John posted this music video with hilarious pseudo-subtitles. I don’t know how I missed it before as this is supposed to be one of the most popular clips on YouTube ever, but now this song is firmly embedded in my brain and I spent my day singing about yellow goats, DNA, papayas and being high today, all the while dancing very energetically:

2 responses to “You need a bun to bite, Benny Lava!

  1. Priceless!
    But what’s up with the guy’s jacket at the start of the clip? He’s sort of shrugging it on and off in time with the music as if it were full of ants, looking like a moron, yet I get a feeling the director thinks it makes him look cool & badass.

  2. Sssssensational.
    I daren’t watch/listen to this again since I’ve managed to get the song out of my head.
    Freakin’ awesome *interpretation* though =)