Yup, I had sarma for dinner tonight. It’s been a while since the last time I had some, but Mrs.Coturnix fixed it today, inventing her own recipe along the way. It was delicious!


9 responses to “Sarma

  1. Would you mind posting the sarma recipe?

  2. Which one? Mrs.Coturnix’s recipe, if remembered by now at all, is a state secret. The one on Wikipedia (in the link above) is decent. Googling ‘sarma’ brings several other decent recipes. Perhaps I can get my Mother’s recipe, but that one will cost you a hill of money 😉

  3. Craig Pennington

    Oh, like stuffed grape leaves.

  4. Stuffed grape leaves are ‘dolma’, much smaller and to be eaten with sheep curd. Delicious, but not sarma.

  5. Craig Pennington

    Dammit, my ploy has failed! I know well-and-good that stuffed grape leaves are but a shadow. I am of humble Anglo-american stock. No proper Mediterranean or Eastern European blood in me (though, I have an honest claim to Moravia — Nesrsta ancestors.) I have only once tasted сарма. Please, a real recipe? I do have a good pemmican recipe in answer, from my honest American ancestors. You have my email..

  6. Ok quail boy. Good recipes can be revealed without divulging state secrets. What are the herbs the Wiki entry speaks of. Anyone can make a cabbage roll. The herbs are what make it regional.
    A general, regional recipe would be much appreciated.

  7. OK, the secret recipe has arrived from my Mother. It will take me some time to translate, but I should be able to post it tomorrow.

  8. Awesome!

  9. sarma rules!
    i was just googling for images of sarma and got here so i had to leave a trace since i am from croatia and we all love sarma 🙂