Science Blogging Conference – even if you are not coming, you can still participate

2008NCSBClogo200.pngI can’t believe that the Conference is only about 10 days away! Almost everything is set and ready to go and we are all very excited.
If you look at the Program page, we have assembled a star-studded group of speakers and moderators who will lead sessions on a number of interesting topics. Of course, if you are registered, you will be there to participate in person. But even if you are not, you are not completely shut out – there are ways that you can participate from a long distance away.
Go again to the Program page and you will notice that each session has a link to its own Discussion page. You can start adding your questions, ideas and comments to these individual session pages. Start the discussion online right now! This will also show the moderators what specific questions people are most interested in so they may be addressed more fully at the session itself.
As many as three of the sessions may have a live online component (check in here later for more information) – a chat function that will be displayed during the session so you can participate in real time.
Finally, some sessions will be recorded (audio, video, webcast, slideshow and/or photographs) and all of this material will be assembled in a single spot for you to check out afterwards. Also, if last year is any indication, several discussions that start at the conference will continue on blogs. Several journalists will be present and they are likely to write articles about the meeting as well. All of that blog and media response will also be assembled in one spot after the conference is over, so you can join the conversation then.

4 responses to “Science Blogging Conference – even if you are not coming, you can still participate

  1. except for the fact that one seems to need a login password to edit discussion pages…? and presumably that comes only through “registration”?
    what am I missing?

  2. No need for e-mail. Just type in the captcha letters/numbers and you can edit the pages. Type in your name/nym if you do not want to be anonymous.

  3. DUDE!
    It JUST occurred to me that we should have been trying to set up a Second Life arm of this conference….

  4. Wow! We should have! I guess we don’t have enough time now, or do we?