Middle-East Diplomacy: the battle of wits between an Owl and a Lark

It’s rare that an article combines my two interests – in biological clocks and politics. This one does: Circadian rhythms differ for the king and the president:

One is a night owl who likes to do business after midnight. The other is an early-to-bed guy who brags about going to sleep around 9:30 p.m.
One of them is King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The other is President Bush.
So what happens when the president comes calling on the king? Call it the battle over bedtime.

What the article fails to mention is that 9pm in Saudi Arabia is NOT 9pm for Bush. He just flew there. His internal clock is still on the Washington D.C. time. He is not just several hours off, but also jet-lagged. This is a known problem of international diplomacy – there is a definite home-court advantage. Not that Bush would not have made the same errors and mangled language if he was not jet-lagged…just sayin’


2 responses to “Middle-East Diplomacy: the battle of wits between an Owl and a Lark

  1. Maybe they just need lots of caffeine?
    Oh no, caffeine = drug = bad thing …

  2. Maybe he needs a Feel Bright Light (http://www.feelbrightlight.com). I use this thing for jet lag and it works wonders. Can’t say what works for mangled speech though.