The Blogistential Angst

Do you like ClockQuotes? Do you ever read them? Excitedly wait every night until 4am EST for them to post?
How about YouTube videos of 1970s/80s Yugoslav music? Like them? Dance and sing along?
What about My picks from ScienceDaily? Is that a useful filtering service to you? Is that a place where you find stories you are interested in?
Thing is, those things are easy and quick to post and I am sure there will be three posts per day no matter how busy or tired I am and the traffic will come at least from the Last24Hours page for a little while. But it is a filler. Have you even noticed I did not post them for the past week or so? Do you miss them? Shall I keep posting them again, starting tonight? It certainly made my life easier, but on the other hand made me nervous about potential lack of any posting at all.
On the other hand, do you miss posts explaining the latest peer-reviewed research in chronobiology or animal behavior?
How about an occasional post by a guest-blogger or two? If Yes, who?
Or do you like it just the way it is right now (scroll down to check the last couple of days)?
Give me your opinions in the comments. If many of you scream to have ClockQuotes back, they will be back (I’ll probably post some Darwin quotes instead during February).

13 responses to “The Blogistential Angst

  1. I like Clock Quotes. Usually it is the last thing I see before I shut down for the night. Something to mull over.

  2. I am definitely in favor of your continuing the ClockQuotes, and also the ScienceDaily digest. They are quite handy when I am pressed for time!!

  3. I like both the clock quotes and the picks from ScienceDaily

  4. I like the clock quotes and Science Daily Picks. The music is of some interest but I don’t miss it if it is not posted. I do miss the posts on peer related research. I always find them interesting. I appreciate the effort you make to write them.

  5. I like the quotes and the music, but wouldn’t miss them too much if you stopped posting them. I would definitely miss the “picks from PLoS” though.
    (I miss your detailed analyses of your own or others’ research, too, but I recognize that those posts take a HUGE amount of time and effort.)

  6. I love the “picks from PLoS” and the “picks from ScienceDaily” are great too.

  7. ClockQuotes and the Science Picks are great, please keep them up. Give us DarwinQuotes too. All that stuff is short and sweet. The quotes are quick to read but make us think. The picks give us scope to follow particular interests.
    But personal preference: I will never start any embedded video unless there is clear explicit written detail of what it will contain. I think it is bad form to ever just say “watch this video, it’s great”. That’s not picking on you, more on the whole blogosphere.
    Though of course everything that you personally write is always worth reading.

  8. Hmmmm, OK, I guess I’ll restart the Quotes and ScienceDaily. Music videos – perhaps occasionally on a weekend. I’ll try to be more explicit what is in the video. Picks for PLoS will, of course, continue – never meant to eliminate those (hey, they pay me to do this).
    Also coming soon: another story by my Mom.

  9. I like the ScienceDaily stuff, and I’ll look at the other stuff if I’m here, but they aren’t the posts that bring me here. But a posting titled “Blogistential Angst”…that’ll have me over here in a heartbeat 🙂

  10. I like the ScienceDaily picks – that’s not a source I visit every day, so it’s nice to know that you’ll be highlighting some of the articles (and I do often click through to them).
    I’ve really enjoyed learning about chronobiology from your site, too – but many of my favorite posts are the ones where you explain concepts, not necessarily about new research.
    You didn’t ask about this, but I appreciate the way you’ll often pull together all of the links from a particular discussion that’s raging on ScienceBlogs.

  11. quotes: convenient for you and a quick read for me…definitely keep them
    your picks from science news of the day…again, this saves me time since you do have an eye for significant news and filter out the self promoting press releases. It takes me an hour to wade through Eurekalert if I want to feel the pulse on my own.
    and yes, I appreciate when you apply your expertise and your teaching skills to make subtleties and breakthroughs stand out and be more memorable.

  12. Yeah, these are questions I’m asking myself of my own site. I just spent some time looking at the numbers, and “science news” and “linux calendar” are not very popular, for instance!

  13. I enjoy when you explain peer-reviewed research in chronobiology, that’s my favourite, for sure. And Science Daily picks are very handy. I specially liked your mom’s stories, but I understand that her participation cannot be on a regular basis.