Palaeontologists needed!

Can you help identify this fossil? The experts are baffled.

4 responses to “Palaeontologists needed!

  1. That is a weird one. I’m virtually of no use with inverts, but the quandary does remind me of a similar looking fossil called Dickinsonia that’s been interpreted in a number of ways by different researchers.

  2. I can’t tell how big it is, but it reminds me of either something like a horseshoe crab, or something like Hallucigenia, depending on what the ring around it is.

  3. Thanks Bora. Statcounter in meltdown. Sepia, the fossil is 60mm long, 40mm wide. I’ll email you a big pic if you like.

  4. That’s a bit big for Hallucigenia, if Wikipedia’s right. Anyway, don’t bother with the email. I’m no expert in fossils. (I’m not even an amatuer really.)