Darwin Day in the Guardian

Karen is excited this morning, reading the enormous Guardian edition full of good Darwiny goodness, chockful of articles by Dawkins and many others, as well as extracts from Darwin’s works.
The only part I find a little too narrow is The best Darwinian sites on the web which mentions only a small handfull of such sites, e.g., Darwin Online, Darwin Correspondence Project, Darwin Day Celebration, AboutDarwin.com and Darwin Today (the last one yet to launch next month). I know, I know, these are the biggest and bestest, but there are so many others that I feel are snubbed by being left out – they should at least have been linked from a sidebar or a box. How about Talk Origins, Panda’s Thumb, The Dispersal of Darwin, The Beagle Project and The Beagle Project Blog, The Friends of Charles Darwin, or hundreds of other links you can find, for instance, here?


One response to “Darwin Day in the Guardian

  1. Yeah, what he said!