CNN control-freaks fire a producer for blogging!

Via Ed Cone (also see SteveK and McDawg) I see that CNN did Teh Stupid – they
fired their producer Chez Sapienza. Why? Because he is blogging! On his own blog as well as on HuffPo. He writes about the industry as a whole and writes well, though nothing specifically about CNN or his job there, so this is not a classical case of being Dooced, but a case of total blindness. The corporate media is used to controlling the message. Blogs drive them crazy. They cannot fire you and me, but they can fire one of their own, just for the sin of being a blogger, i.e., being the Enemy #1. Idiots. All they got is publicity about their own stupidity and I bet Chez has an Inbox full of job offers already. And now he CAN freely blog about the stuff he knows from the inside of the CNN newsroom and I bet that will not be very nice for them when it comes out. Terry Heaton and his commenters say it the best.

3 responses to “CNN control-freaks fire a producer for blogging!

  1. Thanks Bora for introducing me to his blog. Damn it’s good.

  2. Such (allegedly) “control-freaks” should ‘Borg off’ or face being assimilated by current day reality.