readers Meetup

If you attended the Science Blogging Conference or read what people blogged about it, or said about it in subsequent interviews, you know how much fun it is to meet your favourite bloggers in real life. You gain a new perspective, you read them more diligently, you understand them better, and you have some calamari and beer.
So, we would like all the readers of to organize local meetups. The organizing has already started (see here, here, here, here and here for examples). Rare are the people who read only one of us – most of our readers are shared across at least a few scienceblogs. Let’s all meet in many locations around the country and the world.
How to organize? Join the Facebook fan group and use the Wall and the Discussion Board to organize. The idea is for readers to organize this, not bloggers (we’ll just show up if we live close by). So, if you are a reader, fan, commenter – do this, see who else in the group is from your area and decide on the place, date and time and let us know.
Recent new additions to may have changed this, but I think that North Carolina, with seven SciBlings, is still in the numerical lead over any other state or country. Thus, I expect there may be quite a lot of readers here as well. Heck, there are three of us hugging the few miles of US15-501 in the middle of the Triangle so even if just Sheril, Abel and I show up, it is already quite a meetup! And if it grows big, perhaps the other four will come from the western part of the state as well (or alternatively, organize another meetup in Charlotte).
Oh, and while you are on Facebook anyway, you might just as well join the A Blog Around The Clock readers’ group, or the PLoS fan group, or just make me your friend.


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