Awesome! In a scary way….

Watch to the end to see how just huge this thing is!

From Frischer Wind, via Page 3.14

2 responses to “Awesome! In a scary way….

  1. If you ever get to the Northwest, I’ll take you out to see them. There are a couple ridges near my mom’s place with a hundred or so turbines and more under construction. Sometimes when I visit her, I pass trucks hauling the parts for the new ones. One blade is all a flatbed eighteen-wheeler can carry at a time.
    The ridges themselves are amazing layered basaltic flows and the same area where the glacial Bretz floods happened, so there is quite a geologic history to be seen along with the turbines.
    Between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, there must be some conference going on out here that you need to attend.

  2. I remember driving past the wind farm at San Gorgonio Pass, near Palm Springs, California, a number of years ago, as I listened to the Philip Glass soundtrack for the film Powaqatsi. The music made the rows of wind turbines seem surreal, and almost mesmerizing, so I wouldn’t recommend that visual-aural experience for an already monotonous drive.
    Wind farms have been in the news lately, as potential hazards for migrating Whooping Cranes. I wrote a short piece about the issue in my blog: