Will there be a Third Science Blogging Conference?

You bet there will be! But it will have a different name. Anton and I met yesterday afternoon (and the whole committee will meet in a couple of weeks), looked at all the feedback we got from the last meeting and started planning for the next one.
So, the third conference will be called ScienceOnline’09 (the new website will be up in a couple of weeks at scienceonline09.com, as well as a new, more reliable wiki). You will still be able to get to it from the scienceblogging.com page in the future.
The new name reflects the broader perspective of the meeting. Neither the first nor the second meeting was, and we surely do not want the third one to be, focused entirely on science blogging, but on everything people can do to use the Internet to do, teach, publish and communicate science.
The ScienceOnline’09 will meet from mid-day Friday, January 16th through mid-day Sunday January 18th, 2009. at Sigma Xi and in a couple of weeks we will start asking you to help us shape the program. Stay tuned….

3 responses to “Will there be a Third Science Blogging Conference?

  1. Excellent! I have already put it on the OpenHelix calendar. I will keep looking for updates.

  2. If I possibly can, I’ll be there.