SCONC/BlogTogether joint meetup

Yesterday we had our first blogger meetup since the Conference, the Triangle bloggers jointly with the NC science communicators. Who was there? Anton Zuiker, Russ Campbell, Brian Russell, Ernie Hood, Chris Brodie, Abel Pharmboy and Lenore Ramm who took the pictures. We talked about plans for foodblogging, wineblogging and blogging101 events, about local jobs in academia, about the next Conference, about Sigma Xi, about Eve Carson (the helicopters were in the sky above, helping catch the second suspect), and about Carrboro Coworking. Fun was had by all (the weather was gorgeous as well – 65 degrees). Next meetup is in two weeks, organized by the good folks of Orange Politics.

One response to “SCONC/BlogTogether joint meetup

  1. Thanks for mentioning the next meet-up, Bora. It’s going to be held at Milltown (as they usually are) and I’m trying to get some candidates and elected officials to stop in as well.
    Any additional details or changes will be posted at Hope to see some science bloggers there!