The Spitzer files…

Lindsay Beyerstein: Spitzer linked to prostitution ring
Spitzer’s Nixonian hubris
Sex and taxes: How Spitzer allegedly got caught
Spitzer and Suspicious Activity Reports and sex stings
Enough is enough: Feds probe Spitzer’s records back to 1999
Amanda Marcotte: Cut out the stand by your man routine
Ask for facts, get the facts
Elizabeth Pisani: Spitzer’s true folly
Spitzer: cementing a cross-party tradition of hypocrisy
Spitzer: some better ideas for the lapsed abolitionist
Calling “These women”: tell us about your disorders…
Scott Swenson: RealTime: Prostitution Pledge for Politicians
Ed Cone: Aarfy never paid for it in his life

2 responses to “The Spitzer files…

  1. Yup,
    “Insider” over at Pharmagossip has posted some interesting items about this.
    My fav is this wonderful video ditty called
    Love Client Number 9

  2. Someone was incredibly fast – this site went up just a couple of hours after the first news broke out.