EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, Easter lunch

Today is Orthodox Easter. Most everyone here will have lamb for lunch today. We did something different….
First, for breakfast I had snenokle (here is a recipe from a delightful Balkans food blog Palachinka) and I ground some chocolate on top of them:
Then, we had eggs. Not just painted on the outside, but simmered for many hours in onion husks, olive oil and a bunch of spices until the eggs were brown to the core:

I was a very picky eater when I was a kid. One of the things I liked was a simple beef soup with star-shaped noodles. As this is a Nostalgia Trip this week, that is what we had for lunch:
Then we had turkey with baked peppers salad and zucchini/cucumber/garlic salad:
Finally, for dessert, the Vienna specialty, always made for Grandpa’s birthday, the Pischinger torta (invented by Oscar Pischinger):
I know science bloggers are starting to make fun of me whenever I post pictures of food, which is about daily over the past couple of weeks. But, my food blogging friends will get mad if I don’t…


3 responses to “EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, Easter lunch

  1. Happy Easter, Bora!
    Hristos Vaskrse!

  2. Vaistinu Vaskrese! Thank you Marija.

  3. My mouth is watering. Will your mom cook so well for me if I drop in sometime later?