EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, kumovi

‘Kum’, in Serbo-Croatian language, denotes two things – godfather to a child, or the Best Man at the wedding. Well, I was a Best Man at a wedding some 20+ years ago. So, yesterday morning I went to visit them.
I saw the kids (20, 13 and 10: boy-girl-boy) – I have only seen the eldest one when he was seven.
I saw the cats: the black one is Professor Snape, the white one is Lucius, and Harry is suspected to be in Azkhaban.
Then we kicked the kids out to play, got on Skype, and had a marvelous 3-way, 2-hour chat. Ah, the wonders of technology. Velda (my ‘kuma’) is the LINUX administrator for the Ministry of finance. Her husband Miroslav is an engineer doing some construction in Nigeria so he joined us via intertubes. Lucius curled up on the sofa with us, but he promptly fell asleep and missed out on all the fun:


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