This one is for Rob, one of those strange-metered (7/8, or 1-2-3;1-2;1-2/1-2-3;1-2;1-2/…) Macedonian songs of old:

There are many more like this in the menu there on YouTube….

One response to “Lihnida

  1. themadlolscientist

    I love compound and other “strange” meters. Unfortunately, no one west of the Aegean seems to know what to do with them. Especially us Americans – throw a compound meter at us and we all seem to freak out.
    Several years ago I belonged to an informal drumming-improv group that met once a month or so. When my turn came to start things off, I used to set up a rhythm in 5 or 7, and no matter what I did, it would always end up mashed into 3 or 4, and almost every time, someone would end up bent out of shape at me. I eventually got bored and quit.