Equestrian sports in Serbia

Before I went back to Belgrade, I did not know if there was a website with information about the racing and equestrian activities there. There used to be one some years ago, but it has not been updated in a very long time. So, I was happy when, while there, I was given URLs of the Belgrade Racecourse website and the Federation for Equestrian Sport of Serbia website. The former looks good and easy to navigate.
The latter is little old-timey in appearance but that may be on purpose, to emphasize the long tradition. It is also a little too PDF-happy for my taste – it is OK to use the format for things like forms that need to be downloaded, filled out and sent in, but it is not needed for calendars and results – I would have organized them differently.
What is missing on both sites is an English version (for at least some parts of the content) and something interactive – perhaps a forum or a blog. There used to be one for racing/trotting folks and one for equestrians on the old site, but not any more. For someone like me, the only way to communicate with old friends and current people is via Facebook. There should be a better way especially that so many of the old riders now work as trainers in other countries and would probably like to have a way to keep in touch.
What I would also like to see is an accumulation of historical material. I remember many volumes of books at the office back then and there, full of information about Serbian (then Yugoslav) horses, from pedigrees to results to newspaper clippings. I’d love to see all those things scanned in and organized in some way on the site.


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