History of science carnival in the making

But what should it be called? In the wake of the great success of the Classic Papers Chellenge, Skulls In The Stars will turn it into a regular carnival. And this is where you come in – suggest a good catchy name for the carnival in the comments of this post (these names are taken, but can give you ideas….).

2 responses to “History of science carnival in the making

  1. my 2 cents:
    Pretty Pebbles
    (“I seem to myself like a child, playing on the sea-shore, and picking up here and there a curious shell or a pretty pebble, while the boundless ocean of Truth lies undiscovered before me.”)
    On the Shoulders of Giants
    (“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”)
    not sure why i’m channeling my inner physicist, but i’ve always thought that these two quotes attributed to newton genuinely encapsulate science’ history as well as romance…

  2. “Classic Science Challenge” or “Classic Science Circle”. Why be disassociated from what it is? Harks to the original concept and thus reminds people of what it was and how it’s continuing.