Obama is brilliant!

Earlier today, here in Raleigh (and yes, he will contest North Carolina, and perhaps all 50 states!) at an “invitation-only” event (so no liveblogging from me, sorry), Obama killed at least three birds with one stone. In one sentence, at the very end, he got himself endeared to the three key groups of voters who are still suspicious of him: women/Hillary fans, Edwards fans, and people who do not like Obama’s health-care plan (which is obviously going to change now….).

6 responses to “Obama is brilliant!

  1. I truly hope he does fight for NC. I really think his campaign has a shot at winning here. I gotta say I am getting excited at the prospect!

  2. back away from the O-Ade, back sloooowwwly away, Boris!

  3. Why? As a hard-core Edwardsian, I am actively working on warming myself up to Obama. I’ll need it for November. It’s not easy, and I am happy to report that his appearance in NC today and his inclusion of Elizabeth are good steps he made towards appealing to me and, perhaps, winning me over. In the NC primaries I voted for him, but really made up my mind on that about an hour before I voted.

  4. One of the most difficult things for white, educated, middle- and upper middle-class Democrats to accept about this election is that it’s really not about them. As one of this privileged bunch (and not originally an Obama supporter), I have a good job, excellent health care coverage and access, and all the benefits that a decent education (and being the child of educated parents) can bring. It seems inordinately selfish to obsess over Obama’s religious views and connections (as embarrassing and ridiculous as some of them may be), in an environment in which people are losing their homes, go without health care, and struggle to feed their families. I’ll support Obama, because he’s the best shot that the disenfranchised and struggling citizens of this country have in this election. McCain doesn’t give a rat’s behind about them (he will be Bush Redux), and realistically, there’s no other choice.

  5. themadlolscientist

    I started out as an Edwards supporter and was really disappointed when he dropped out, but after that, the more I saw of Obama, the more I liked what I saw. Obama-Edwards would be my dream ticket.

  6. Well put, Barn Owl. That conservatives have made a virtue out of selfishness is one of the most shameful things in our country’s recent history.